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Pressure control buffer tank

By using pressure control in buffer tanks, you ensure that you can control nitrogen pressure and water level.


Protect your buffer tank from implosion and explosion

To protect a sealed buffer tank from overpressure or vacuum, guards are essential. A sealed buffer tank protects against oxidation by nitrogen and should be protected from over and under pressure to prevent implosion and explosion of the tank. 

Protectors against over and under pressure buffer tank

Changes in temperature and water level in the buffer tank create pressure differences, which can cause a vacuum or over pressure in the tank. This can cause the water level to become too low to extract water from the tank, or worse; damage to the buffer tank can occur. 

In order to regulate the nitrogen pressure in the tank, overpressure- and underpressure protectors offer a solution. These measure the pressure in the buffer tank and will automatically open a valve when a vacuum threatens, in order to restore the desired pressure level in the buffer tank with the influx of outside air. On the other hand, in case of overpressure in the buffer tank, the excess nitrogen in the tank can flow out through the open connection with the outside air. 

Presscon offers underpressure and overpressure protectors for both horizontal and vertical buffer tanks.


Our products to help you move forward

  • Operating pressure: 6 bar
  • Test pressure: 15,8 bar
  • Work temperature: -20˚C to +100˚C
  • Appendage: 2" – 2" – 2" – 2"
Presscon Water pressure vessels

Water pressure vessels

Water pressure vessels

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  • Protection against overpressure
  • Protection against underpressure
  • Suitable for vertical buffer tanks
  • Custom development possible
  • Working pressure valve for constant pressure
Presscon PV-Series

Vacuum overpressure protector

Vacuum overpressure protector

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