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Oxygen enrichment water

Water with a high oxygen level makes plants and flowers flourish.


Stronger plants with pure water

A major problem within horticulture is the biological pollution found in water. This can affect the plants growing in that water. Therefore it is important to counteract this pollution. You can do this by enriching the water with oxygen. This will increase the oxygen percentage in the water, moving you to maximum saturation or above. 

By using this method, a constant connection is created between the water and the oxygen applied. This also ensures that oxygen bubbles will attach to roots of plants that will eventually cause the biological pressure to be lowered. In addition, the oxygen bubbles also attach themselves to the dirt in the water. As a result, the dirt is eaten by the bacteria as they are fed by the oxygen in the water.

Less diseased plants

Growing a plant through oxygenated water has a great additional benefit. Because of the highly oxygenated water the plants will become stronger, making them less prone to disease than when growing using regular water.

Advantages for horticulture

Using water rich in oxygen will have a positive impact on growing plants. Among other things, it provides:

  • Better thriving plants;
  • Less disease pressure;
  • Stimulated root growth of plants, resulting in larger and stronger roots;
  • Reduced presence of fungi and diseases;
  • Due to positive effects of our Vital Oxidizer, many of our customers are experiencing a decrease in the use of chlorine, hydrogen peroxide and ozone. 
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Our products to help you move forward

  • Healthy, 'living' water
  • Natural cleaning irrigation system
  • No more need for chlorine and hydrogen peroxide
  • Oxygen enrichment to a saturation value of 100-120%
Presscon Vital-Oxidizer

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Water filter

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