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The addition of an inert gas prevents chemical processes, such as oxidation. An inert gas like nitrogen has infinite applications for many different industries.


Inertisation through nitrogen

Oxidation is one of the biggest challenges for many (production) processes. Substances should not come into contact with oxygen, because it will accelerate the aging process of the product, affect the results or start a chemical reaction.  

An inert gas, such as nitrogen, is a gas that does not initiate a chemical reaction. This makes it suitable for serving as a buffer between a product or process and the outside air, to protect it from external influences. 

Inertisation in different industries

Applications of inertisation vary widely. Take, for example, packing stations, where we add nitrogen to packaging to extend the shelf life of fresh products. Products such as soft fruit age less quickly as a result, which means they retain their quality longer.  

Hospitals and laboratories often use an inert gas to carry out medical tests, so that the results are not influenced by external factors. With an inert gas, such as nitrogen, we create an environment for the research object or medical application ( like a 3D printer), where, among other things, oxygen and bacteria have no chance to cause a chemical reaction or to influence the research conditions.  

For the manufacturing industry, inertisation can also play an important role in protecting processes that must take place free of oxygen. For example, by equipping tin baths with a nitrogen blanket, oxidation will be prevented from occurring.

Customized advice

Inertisation prevents oxygen from triggering an aging and/or wear-and-tear process and protects a product or process from external influences. Presscon will be happy to advise you on the possible application of nitrogen as an inert gas for your product or process.

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Our products to help you move forward

Curious about which products we can use to realize inertization for your organization? We will gladly advise you in a personal meeting.

  • Modular design
  • Low energy consumption
  • Long lifespan
  • Multifunctional use
Presscon N-Gen

Multifunctional nitrogen generator

The Presscon N-Gen is Presscon's nitrogen generator and the ultimate solution for on-site nitrogen ...

  • +25 years of experience with compressed air
  • Own innovation and production department
  • Tailer-made solutions
  • Sustainable and energy-efficient solutions

Presscon compressors

We have been working with compressed air for more than 25 years. Compressed air is an important ...

  • Connectable to many compressor types
  • Ensures constant press pressure and flow rate
  • Couples compressors in separate rooms
  • Efficient control of compressor park
Presscon AFX-Control

Electronic control panel

Electronic control panel

  • Operating pressure: 6 bar
  • Test pressure: 15,8 bar
  • Work temperature: -20˚C to +100˚C
  • Appendage: 2" – 2" – 2" – 2"
Presscon Water pressure vessels

Water pressure vessels

Water pressure vessels

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