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Buffer tank protection

Proper protection of the buffer tank ensures a longer service life and ensures business continuity.


Buffer tank protection using nitrogen

Buffer tanks are an important part of a greenhouse, a geothermal heating system or when storing liquids such as oil and fuels. Sustainable deployment, but also protection against leakage, explosion and corrosion are important for business continuity and to comply with environmental legislation. Nitrogen offers a solution for protecting buffer tanks from the inside.

Protection vertical and horizontal storage tanks

In vertical buffer tanks, a nitrogen blanket can provide the solution against oxidation of both the buffer tank, and certain liquids. In horizontal storage tanks, we can also use it to create pressure. By supplying the space above the water with nitrogen, the expansion system is kept under pressure. 

In addition, we can protect the (horizontal and vertical) buffer tank against im- and explosion by means of various protection systems. Vacuum overpressure protectors can automatically add or release air to protect the pressure in the buffer tank. In addition, fully integrated pressure monitoring ensures protection of the pressure level in the tank or silo by timely addition of extra nitrogen.

For example, the Level Control measures the water level with a possible pressure correction and alarms the designated person when a certain set value is exceeded. Settings are easy to adjust yourself and can be linked to the central computer. In addition, there is a possibility to automatically drain or top up water if required. In this way the buffer tank is not only well protected, but you also have maximum control.

Leak detection buffer tank

Through sensors we continuously measure both the nitrogen pressure and the water level in the buffer tank. An extra sensor also makes it possible to set up leak detection. This prevents a leak from being detected too late, because higher temperatures pushed up the water level and pressure in the buffer tank. Since the pressure at the bottom of a vertical buffer tank remains almost the same, a deviation in this is a direct indication of a leak in the tank.

Alarms linked to a central computer

These alarms are easy to link to a central computer. Based on preset maximum and minimum values for the pressure and water level, you are alerted as soon as these are exceeded. In this way you retain maximum control.


Buffer tank protective products and systems

To protect buffer tanks, Presscon has developed several products, some of which are even patented. Discover our products or contact us for a customized advice.

  • Monitor and control air pressure
  • Maintains constant pressure
  • Efficient nitrogen hedging
  • Measures water levels
  • Adjustable to desired discharge pressure
Presscon Hornit

Expansion system

Expansion system

  • Monitor and control air pressure
  • Keeps the pressure constant
  • Efficient nitrogen hedging
  • Measure water levels
  • ELC – SLC-buffer tank measurement
  • PLUG & PLAY installation
Presscon Vernit

Expansion systeem

Expansion system

  • Protection against overpressure
  • Protection against underpressure
  • Suitable for vertical buffer tanks
  • Custom development possible
  • Working pressure valve for constant pressure
Presscon PV-Series

Vacuum overpressure protector

Vacuum overpressure protector


Equal Level Control

Equal Level Control

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