Presscon LOX - Oxygen reduction fire prevention system

Presscon LOX

Oxygen reduction fire prevention system

We don't put out fires, we prevent fires! By lowering the oxygen level by just a few percent, we greatly reduce the risk of fire or explosion while keeping the area accessible to people.

What does the Presscon LOX do?

By using the Presscon LOX, the oxygen content in enclosed spaces, such as server rooms, electrical cabinets or silos, is lowered by a regulated intake of additional nitrogen, to a point where the combustion of vapors and/or materials has become impossible due to the lack of oxygen. This permanently prevents the occurrence of fires and explosions.

The Presccon LOX is the most energy efficient oxygen reduction system on the market.

High Performance PSA (HP-PSA)

Our HP-PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology is distinguished by an optimized air flow in the generator and a unique pressure swing system for the activated carbon. Our generator requires less than 2m3 of compressed air to produce 1m3 of 95% pure nitrogen. In addition to the low compressed air consumption, this means that when using a LOX system, a compressor with a smaller capacity can be used to achieve the required compressed air volume. Compared to traditional PSA technology, the HP-PSA offers significant energy savings. Moreover, compared to a diaphragm system, energy savings of up to 50% can be achieved!


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Benefits of Presscon LOX

  • Monitor up to 10 rooms with one system
  • Modular and user-friendly system
  • Energie efficient
  • Remote & 24/7 monitoring
  • Easy installatie
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