Presscon AFX Compressor Control

Presscon AFX-Control

Compressor Control

The Presscon AFX-Control is a control system for managing multiple compressors in a compressor park. The system ensures that the compressors are interconnected and that statuses are exchanged. The software-based control system ensures that the desired amount of flow and pressure is delivered in the most efficient and highly constant manner.

How does the Presscon AFX-Control work?

The starting point of the system is to deliver constant pressure and flow as efficiently as possible. The AFX-Control does this by looking at the flow rate that is drawn off, by taking into account the compressed air pressure and by knowing when a compressor is most energy efficient. Knowing the exact compressed air demand also makes it possible to control the compressor very accurately and to reduce, or even eliminate, the difference between the required compressed air and the switch on pressure. 

The AFX-Control can be used for virtually any type of compressor. For example, the system can work with compressors that are switched on or off at a fixed power, have a variable frequency or operate at several speed steps. 

The Presscon AFX-Control takes such things as after-run time, power consumption at zero load, prohibited resonance frequencies, running hours and important factors affecting energy consumption into account in the control. Since each compressor has its own AFX Compressor Controller, it is also possible to use the AFX-Control to control multiple compressors that are located at different locations but belong to the same compressed air network.

Benefits of the Presscon AFX-Control

  • Connectable to many compressor types
  • Ensures constant press pressure and flow rate
  • Couples compressors in separate rooms
  • Efficient control of compressor park
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