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Swimming in the pond on nice summer days or at home in your own natural pool. Natural pools and ponds are as popular as ever, but due to algae, legionella and blue-green algae, they are also a source of maintenance and concern. Presscon has a solution that makes intensive maintenance a thing of the past.



As a municipality, campsite owner or private (natural) swimming pool owner, it keeps you busy; checking and guaranteeing the water quality to counteract health risks, so that guests, residents and other swimming enthusiasts, have the opportunity to safely enjoy the natural water.  

Green deposits in your pool that are (almost) impossible to remove, or a disturbed biological balance causing (blue) algae or legionella to suddenly have free rein; maintaining natural waters and natural swimming pools is a lot of work and requires careful monitoring. 

Presscon has developed a product that makes this a thing of the past. With one simple, patented solution, we restore and optimize the natural biological balance in the water. The result? In swimming pools where this is used, in addition to chlorine, we see that deposits disappear completely and do not return. Even in the hottest summers will it be safe to swim in recreational waters.



Biological equilibrium Biological equilibrium
No more (blue) algae No more (blue) algae
One simple solution One simple solution
Patented solution Patented solution

How we help advance the Recreational Industry

Our revolutionary solution for the biological balance in water offers many opportunities for the recreational industry. We would be happy to discuss it with you!