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Art and history are, in addition to being invaluable, often very fragile. If they are to be enjoyed for generations to come, they must be exhibited and preserved under the best possible conditions. Nitrogen can provide the solution.



Whether it concerns (oil) paintings, old books and documents or something else; art is often very vulnerable. Exposure to light and oxygen can damage the fragile materials, but you also want to minimize the risk of fire.

Nitrogen offers an effective solution for both cases. For example, we can bring down the oxygen level in a display case or archive in order to exhibit or conserve the materials in the most protected way possible. Depending on the space and the materials, we can advise you on the optimal air composition and how to achieve it. This way we can enjoy our art and culture for generations to come.


Presscon as partner for museums

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How we help Museums advance

For years we have been thinking about fire protection and improving conservation in museums. Whether you are looking for a completely new system, or looking for improved quality; we will help you move forward.