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Throughout the entire manufacturing industry, nitrogen can be used during the production process. Its use is beneficial for various purposes. By involving nitrogen in the process, production can be made even better and more efficient.


Nitrogen for the manufacturing industry

Nitrogen is widely used within the manufacturing industry in a wide range of sectors. 

Nitrogen is an inert gas and in high concentrations, has a deoxygenating effect. This means that the applications are endless. For example in fire prevention, the prevention of oxidation, as a packaging gas in the food industry and as a shielding gas in the metal industry. 

Nitrogen can act as a backing gas to protect a welded joint. The backing gas causes the oxygen to be displaced on the side where the weld-through is made. The weld-through side is basically the back of the weld. The use of nitrogen prevents oxygen from interacting with the weld pool, so the welded joint is more resistant to corrosion in the future as well.

This same problem of oxidation occurs when soldering with metals. Especially with PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards), it is important that no corrosion of the solder metal occurs, as this can lead to short circuits and interrupted connections. By blowing the nitrogen onto the connection material, the oxygen is expelled. The purity of the nitrogen should be at least 99.99%; lower purity will have a negative effect on the solder.


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