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Hospitals and laboratories

Laboratories and nitrogen are inextricably linked. Many research and medical applications (such as 3D skin printers) require oxidation prevention. Oxygen and bacteria must be kept out. The inert property of nitrogen accomplishes this.


Hospitals and laboratories

Scientific gas is effective because of its high purity. You can use high-purity nitrogen for this. With nitrogen produced on site we create an inert environment in which research can be carried out without substances reacting with each other (such as oxidation). By creating an inert atmosphere in special laboratory equipment we cover substances that would otherwise react with the air (oxygen).

Because we produce nitrogen with a dew point below -60 °C, we also ensure that bacteria cannot move around.  Presscon can supply medical and pharmaceutical nitrogen with a very high degree of purity (<1 ppm purity). This makes the nitrogen we produce very suitable to use as scientific gas in hospitals and laboratories.


Presscon as partner for the medical world

very high degree of purity very high degree of purity
inert environment for research inert environment for research
on site production on site production
Excellent after sales service Excellent after sales service

How we help advance Hospitals and Laboratories

Curious about what Presscon can do for you? We would be happy to discuss with you how we can use nitrogen as an efficient solution in your hospital or laboratory.