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Geothermal energy installations are associated with a good number of technical challenges. Using nitrogen as an inert gas is an effective solution for pressure stabilisation, as well as increasing the operational safety of the plant.


Nitrogen for geothermics

It is important that the water extracted with geothermal energy remains untouched. By using nitrogen, you can easily ensure that the water is preserved in its current state.

Keeping the system oxygen free during start up

During the start up, nitrogen is injected directly at the top of the geothermal source to prevent oxidation of the steel pipes and fittings. It is also possible to use nitrogen to flush all the pipes to prevent the water from coming into contact with oxygen during start up.  

The same applies to the degassing tank. Again, it is important that the water is not exposed to oxygen. By using nitrogen during start up, a so-called nitrogen blanket, you prevent the water from coming into contact with oxygen in a fairly easy way. You thus prevent oxidation of the entire piping and the source. The water can be returned to the soil unaffected.

Cleaning of filters

To ensure that no dirt is present in the system either, there are filters present. These need to be kept clean to maintain proper operation. By using nitrogen, we push water out of the filter during the filter change. After this, the filters can be replaced and flushed again with nitrogen to expel oxygen before being filled with water again. This way you will ensure that oxygen cannot enter the process.

Prevention of oxygen entry into blow down tank

Dirty water that comes off the filter-cleaning process has to go back into the well. That water is temporarily stored in a blow down tank, where we put a nitrogen blanket on the tank. This prevents oxygen from getting to the water. 

Other uses of nitrogen for geothermics:

Nitrogen thus offers many solutions to the technical challenges of geothermal heating systems, namely: 

  • As an inert gas for nitrogen blankets on storage tanks;
  • Nitrogen is directly injected into the geothermal source to prevent oxidation of the steel pipes and fittings;
  • Repression of oxygen to prevent oxidation of the degassing tank;
  • Used extensively for filter rinsing and plant start-up, so that no oxygen in the water stream comes in contact with the plant and therefore prevents corrosion;
  • Generally used in conditions where water flow could come into contact with air, to ensure that the water quality does not fluctuate;
  • Our nitrogen plants can be fully integrated with the expansion system of a secondary heating network (often found in large-scale geothermal plants);
  • Supplying nitrogen for the seals of pneumatic valves that operate outdoors, due to nitrogen's low dew point of -60 Celcius. Using nitrogen in this application prevents moisture and water vapor compared to compressed air, preventing the possibility of freezing of moisture in the plant at low temperatures.

Customised advice

Presscon not only designs and supplies the nitrogen generator, but it also works with project engineers to design the most robust nitrogen plants and fully integrate them according to project requirements.



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