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Cold stores and freezer rooms

Cold storage facilities, like other large storage facilities, need to be properly protected against fire. Traditional fire suppression systems, such as sprinklers, cause a lot of damage to the stored product and also do not work preventively. We are experts in energy efficient solutions, through reduced oxidation prevention.


Cold stores and freezer rooms

Storing your products safely and minimizing the risk of fire; we are experts in energy efficient fire prevention through oxygen reduction. We do this by reducing the oxygen level in the air to a point where combustion of vapours and/or materials becomes impossible. This permanently prevents the occurrence of fires and explosions. With the same system we can monitor multiple rooms under different oxygen percentages and switch individually. This eliminates the need to purchase multiple separate systems.

Depending on the type of product stored, we advise on the optimal percentage of oxygen for that area. To determine the optimal oxygen percentage, we can carry out fire tests at our location, and if necessary, with a Notified Body to validate the results. We can also simulate the climate in which the products will be stored, in order to conduct tests.

Air compressors, which are used to produce nitrogen, are known as energy guzzlers. In addition, the lowest possible compressed air factor is important for energy consumption. Presscon uses one of the most efficient compressors in the market and our HPSA systems have a particularly low compressed air factor. This means you save a lot on energy consumption. Our compensated and patented oxygen sensors measure very accurately, because we can switch in hundredths (instead of tenths of %). This enables us to achieve a very stable level with a deviation of one tenth, besides having our systems being energy-saving. In addition, a very long operational lifespan is characteristic of our systems. 


Presscon as partner in fire prevention

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How we help advance Cold stores and freezer rooms

Presscon has extensive experience in fire prevention through patented nitrogen applications. Curious about our solution for your space? We are more than happy to help you!