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In addition to the risk of explosion when working with (flammable) hazardous substances, it also presents challenges in terms of environmental legislation and safety. In many cases, nitrogen offers innovative and effective solutions in this industry.


Fire prevention for chemistry

Explosion hazards, evaporation; the storage of chemicals not only causes safety risks and (odour) nuisance for personnel and local residents, but is also increasingly a target of stricter environmental legislation.

With buffer tank protection using nitrogen, we kill two birds with one stone. We minimise the risk of fire and explosion, by creating a blanket of nitrogen in the buffer tank. This also protects against any odours, caused by released chemical fumes through the bottom and top pressure valves, in the buffer tank. Presscon holds several patents and we always provide customised solutions. Wondering what nitrogen can do for you? We are happy to help you!


Presscon as partner for the Chemical Sector

Years of experience Years of experience
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How we help the Chemical Sector advance

Curious about the solutions we offer for the chemical industry? We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.