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Brewing beer is a complicated process, in which each step will affect the final taste of the product. By replacing CO2 (for the most part) with nitrogen, we can achieve cost savings of up to 90% and also speed up the process.



Nitrogen can be a solution in several steps of the brewing process. For example, nitrogen can be used instead of CO2 during pre-brewing and separation. Using a nitrogen generator, we generate nitrogen with which we push oxygen out of the tank. This produces the same result, but at a lower cost and with greater convenience. Instead of using CO2 cartridges, we produce the nitrogen on site. As a result, you'll never have an empty bottle or tank again.

Other uses of nitrogen in brewing include:

  • Cleaning of production vessels so that residues are not mixed with the next batch; 
  • Movement of liquids from tank to tank, by means of pressure; 
  • Expelling oxygen and carbon dioxide from the vessels; 
  • Operation of pneumatic valves; 
  • Rinsing the beer casks. 

Presscon can provide custom nitrogen purity from 99.5% to 99.999%, which enables many possibilities. Each solution requires a specific purity. We will be happy to advise you on the possible applications of nitrogen in your brewery.



up to 90% cost reduction up to 90% cost reduction
More environmentally friendly More environmentally friendly
Acceleration of the brewing process Acceleration of the brewing process
Fast and efficient maintenance Fast and efficient maintenance

How we help breweries advance

Through nitrogen we help breweries make their production process more economical, faster and environmentally friendly. Wondering what we can do for your brewery? We will gladly help you!