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Automatic storage

While automated storage is highly efficient, it presents several challenges in terms of fire protection. Traditional solutions, such as sprinklers, often have inadequate coverage due to compact space arrangements. Sprinklers also take up both valuable space and need additional structural support. Nitrogen as a fire prevention option offers a solution.


Automatic storage

An automated warehouse quickly becomes a fire hazard. Products are stored close together, making it almost impossible for sprinklers to reach them all, and water based extinguishing means that the products can be lost. Sprinkler systems are not always an effective solution against fire.

By reducing the oxygen level in the storage area, we prevent the start of a fire, rather than reactively fighting it. An automated warehouse is ideally suited for nitrogen fire prevention, as there are generally fewer people involved. This allows us to work with lower oxygen levels, making the solution even safer.

When implementing the solution, we work with you to weigh up safety, cost and efficiency. From this, current legislation and our advice follows, for the optimal ratio of nitrogen in the room. Presscon's nitrogen generators also have the best compressed air factor in the market, which makes them particularly energy efficient. We can measure the energy savings for you.


Presscon as partner in fire prevention

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How we help advance automatic storage

Wondering how Presscon's nitrogen solutions can make automatic storage even more efficient and safe? We'd be happy to be of service to you.