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Partner for progress

Partner for progress

Discover Presscon

We can't help it. It's like an invisible force that drives us. An intrinsic motivation, always challenging ourselves to be ahead of the progress. By innovating, improving and expanding our products and services. To develop the best solutions for our customers and help them overcome the obstacles they face. Driven by the belief that collaboration is the key to success and therefore always the starting point.

That's what you can expect when you do business with Presscon. And not without reason. Values such as authenticity, transparency, pride and customer focus are deeply embedded in our organisation. For you, this means that you can always rely on a partner who believes in doing business in a simple, direct, honest and straightforward manner. Day in, day out, determined to help your organisation move forward.

Presscon. Partner For Progress

Our specialists

The Presscon Team

Located in Honselersdijk, our team of professional employees is committed to delivering quality products to customers around the world on a daily basis. A team that challenges itself to lead the way, by continuously innovating and improving our services and products. We are here to develop the best solutions for our customers and help them overcome obstacles. In doing so, we are driven by the belief that collaboration is the key to success and this will always be the starting point.

Logo Marcel de Vetten

Marcel de Vetten

Purchase and Operations Manager

+31 (0)6 50 73 98 37 m.devetten@presscon.nl
Logo Gertjan van der Haas

Gertjan van der Haas

Strategic Account Manager

+31 (0)6 50 73 98 38 g.vanderhaas@presscon.nl
Logo Michel van

Michel van


Logo Wesley Valentin

Wesley Valentin

Commercial Engineer

+31 (0)6 15 13 31 34 w.valentin@presscon.nl
Logo Donovan Chan

Donovan Chan

Field Service Engineer

Logo Evan Vreugdenhil

Evan Vreugdenhil

Field Service Engineer

Logo Robbie van der Knijf

Robbie van der Knijf

Field Service Engineer

Logo Joop Nederpel

Joop Nederpel

Commercial Engineer

+31 0)174 64 82 92 j.nederpel@presscon.nl
Logo Britt van Heijst

Britt van Heijst

Account Manager

Logo Niels Groenewegen

Niels Groenewegen

Field Service Engineer

Logo Jaco Arbouw

Jaco Arbouw

Commercial Engineer

+31 (0)174 64 82 92 j.arbouw@presscon.nl


Presscon B.V.
Veilingweg 25-27A
2675 BR Honselersdijk

T: +31 (0)174 64 82 92
E: info@presscon.nl

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6 April 2021

Corporate social responsibility

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6 April 2021

Functioning High Performance Adsorption System

The HPSA technology distinguishes itself by an optimized air flow in the system and a unique pressure system for the activated carbon. These improvements create a system that is environmentally friendly with a significantly longer service life and lower energy consumption.

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Operating principles oxygen reduction fire prevention systems

The benefits of preventing fire rather than extinguishing it make oxygen reduction systems well suited for applications where fire can cause irreplaceable damage and where traditional fire suppression systems are unacceptable or inappropriate.

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