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Advice or consultancy

Are you facing a challenge for which no suitable solution seems to exist yet? Challenge us!

Presscon solutions

Innovation is in our genes

Give us a problem or challenge and we will not let go until we have found a suitable solution. We like to see ourselves as your partner in innovation and progress.

Presscon grew organically by inventing and developing products in response to a customer's problems. The owner, Peter Valentin, still likes nothing more than to get stuck into a complex problem in order to find a suitable and practical solution.

Customized solutions

We will engage with you and deliver bespoke solutions, where we're not only looking for a solution to your challenge, but also how to make it as energy efficient and maintenance friendly as possible.

Product development is our passion and this is reflected in our innovative solutions, commitment and proven track record within various industries. Many of our solutions make use of nitrogen, where we have a lot of experience in the horticultural industry, but we also serve customers in a wide range of industries. Several of our products and solutions are also patented.

Orientation interview

Do you have a complex problem and are you curious about what Presscon can do for you? We would be happy to meet with you to explore possible solutions. Perhaps the solution already exists and we can apply it to your company with some minor adjustments. Otherwise, we look forward to making a deep dive to come up with an innovative idea that does offer this solution.

Presscon. Partner for progress.

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